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Your Perfect Health Partner

Our brand new PLUS MINUS is a health supplement packed with 33 functions in enhancing the health and active lifestyle of the whole family. It provides all the essential nutrients to our body, strengthening our immune system and protects our body against free radicals, virus and harmful pathogens. Engineered to improve memory, mental clarity, blood pressure and urogenital health. It also helps to enhance the health of your lungs, gaster, liver, joints and colon. PLUS MINUS is your perfect health partner in facing the ever stressful urban lifestyle!

Be rest assured that Plus Minus is 100% safe for human consumption as we have both international and local certifications to verify that.


我们的全新健康保健品PLUS MINUS,一个拥有33项好处并能提高您的健康和活力的功能性营养品。它提供了所有人体必要的营养素,增强我们的免疫系统,保护我们免受自由基,病毒和对人体有害的病原体侵害我们的身体。它能提高记忆力,让头脑更清晰,控制血压和维持泌尿生殖系统的健康。PLUS MINUS有助于提高您的肺部,胃部,肝脏,关节和结肠的健康。PLUS MINUS是您面对日益紧张的城市生活一个完美健康良伴!

我们已将 Plus Minus 样本送往国内和国外的有关机构验证了 Plus Minus 是100%安全被人类服用。



Be rest assured that Plus Minus is 100% safe for human consumption as we have both international and local certifications to verify that.


为了确保 加减 100%安全被人类服用,我们已将丰乐样本送往国内和国外的有关机构验证。


33 Health Benefits Of Plus Minus

33个选择Plus Minus的理由


1) Provide all the essential nutrients into your body 提供您身体完整的必须营养

We unable to take all kind of foods daily. But, we can take plus minus daily which a functional food that provide us nutrients that our body needs to maintain optimum health.

我们无法每天摄取所有不同种类的食物。但,我们可以每天食用 Plus Minus,一个提供我们人体所需营养素的功能性食物以维持健康。


2) Cell protection 保护细胞

It contains a powerful antioxidant carotenoid that able to neutralize singlet oxygen. Free radicals are atoms or compounds containing one or more unpaired electrons; they will capture electrons from the first place they can to complete the pair. When taken from proteins, electron loss can cause protein cross-linking (a key action of stiffening tissues), disable hormones and enzymes, and damage cell structures. Free radicals can even take electrons from DNA, which may cause genetic alterations. Astaxanthin neutralizes singlet and triplet oxygen by de-charging them. It also inhibits the destruction of the fatty acids and proteins in the cell membrane and the mitochondrial membranes in the cells caused by peroxidation of fats. (Astaxanthin, vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, copper)

它含有高效抗氧化剂 – 类胡萝卜素,能够中和游离氧分子。自由基是拥有一个或以上的未成对电子的原子或分子;它们将会夺取其他物质的电子以便形成完整的电子成对。当它夺取蛋白质 的电子后,将会导致蛋白质交联(细胞硬化的主要因素),荷尔蒙和酵素作用紊乱以及破坏细胞结构。自由基甚至可以夺取DNA的电子,导致基因突变。 虾青素可排出游离电子以便中和游离氧分子。它也能够防止细胞膜和粒线体膜的蛋白质和脂肪遭到脂肪氧化作用的破坏。(有效成份:虾青素、维他命B、维他命 A、维他命C、维他命E)


3) Quencher of free radicals 自由基的克星

Act as quencher of singlet oxygen and other free radicals by absorbing the excited energy of singlet oxygen onto the polyene electron-rich chain, resulting first in the excitation of the carotenoid to a triplet state, and then in the dissipation of the extra energy in the form of heat by relaxation back to the ground state. In this way it prevents cellular components or tissues from being damaged. The carotenoid structure remains unchanged, and ready to act as a radical quencher. (Astaxanthin, vitamin C, vitamin E)

游离氧分子和自由基的淬灭剂。它能吸纳游离氧分子的活跃能量至多烯富电子环中,是第一个激发形成三联体状态的类胡萝卜素,然后 通过恢复基态来消减多余的热能量。这个方法能避免细胞或其成分被破坏。类胡萝卜素的结构会保持不变,并能再次进行淬灭自由基的行动。 (有效成份:虾青素、 维他命C、维他命E)


4) Strength circulatory support 促进循环系统

High quality balanced nutritional supplements with vitamin B, vitamin C and magnesium. It is a daily health regimen to boost oxygenation of the blood and reduce the “stickiness” of tired, fat-laden blood and body fluids.( vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium)

含维他命B和维他命C的高品质均衡营养补助品。它是每日健康的养生之道,能提高血液的氧合作用和减轻疲劳,降低血脂和体液。(有效成份:维他命B, 维他命 C)


5) Strengthens immune system 增强免疫系统

Taking astaxanthin was shown to reduce cellular DNA damage and to boost the immune response. It can be used to reduce the need for antibiotics by stimulating the immune system. It has 500 times the antioxidant potency of vitamin E and 10 times the activity of beta-carotene. (astaxanthin, hyaluronic acid, probiotic, vitamin E, vitamin C, citric acid)

摄取虾青素被证实能减少细胞DNA损坏和增强免疫能力 。通过促进免疫系统功能可减少对抗生素的依赖。其抗氧化效力是维他命E 的500倍以及β -胡萝卜素的10倍。(有效成份:虾青素、玻尿酸、益生菌、维他命E、维他命C、柠檬酸)


6) Improvement in skin elasticity 增加弹性

Collagen not only help replace lost collagen, but help stimulate new collagen formation as well and thus promote healthier skin tone and improve elasticity. Besides, dermatologist skin analysis of moisture and elasticity at 3 and 6 weeks astaxanthin supplementation (Yamashita, 2006). Study shown astaxanthin reduced wrinkles and increase elasticity. (Collagen, astaxanthin, hyaluronic acid)

胶原蛋白不但能补充流失的胶原蛋白,也有助于促进新胶原蛋白的形成,进而使肌肤更健康和富有弹性。此外, 根据皮肤专科的分析显示,补充3 – 6星期的虾青素能明显地减少皱纹、使肌肤保持湿润 以及提高肌肤弹性(Yamashita, 2006)。 (有效成份:胶原蛋白、虾青素、玻尿酸)


7) Hydrate the skin 补充肌肤水分

Hyaluronic acid helps to store water in the skin, providing essential moisture to body processes. (Collagen, hyaluronic acid)



8) Skin youthful and wrinkle reduction 使肌肤常保年轻,较少皱纹

Combat signs of aging, wrinkle reduction by protects the dermal layer against oxidative stress dysfunction. Allowing repair process to heal collagen network. Promote youthful skin by encouraging the production of collagen and elastin, two naturally occurring proteins that diminish as skin ages. It also promotes skin metabolisms, and keeps the skin free from dullness. Skin elasticity and formation of wrinkles had been inhibited which astaxanthin had been applied after exposure to UV-B. (Collagen, astaxanthin, hyaluronic acid)

保护皮肤免受氧化应激,以对抗岁月所留下的痕迹和减少皱纹。促进胶原蛋白组织网的修复。促使胶原蛋白和弹性蛋白的 产生,以便使肌肤保持年轻亮丽。流失这两种肌肤的天然蛋白质将会导致肌肤老化。它也能促进皮肤的新陈代谢,改善暗沉肌肤。若暴晒于UV-B 后服用虾青素,能抑制肌肤弹性流失和皱纹产生。(有效成份:胶原蛋白、虾青素、玻尿酸)


9) Inhibit melanin pigment deposition 抑制黑色素沉淀

Vitamin C as Ascorbyl form has been tested extensively and reported in the journal of American Academy of Dermatology to inhibit the production of the melanin (Melanin is the pigment which gives the skin it’s dark color), and when Vitamin C inhibits the production of the melanin, a lighter and brighter skin will reveal. (Astaxanthin, vitamin C, collagen)

科学家经过深入的测试并于美国皮肤专科学术期刊(Journal of American Academy of Dermatology)中报道,维他命C能抑制梅拉宁或黑色素的产生(梅拉宁是导致肤色变黝黑和暗沉的因素)。当维他命C阻止梅拉宁产生时,皮肤将会变 得白皙和有光泽。 (有效成份:虾青素、维他命C、胶原蛋白)


10) Positive effects on hair 维护健康秀发

Collagen strengthens and increases the diameter of hair, resulting in thicker and stronger hair. Increasing collagen production alone enables hair composition and diameter to increase. (Morgantiet al. 1984, Scala& al. 1976) (Collagen)

胶原蛋白使秀发更强韧及增加头发的直径,因而使秀发更浓密。仅仅提高胶原蛋白的产生就能使秀发更浓密和强韧。(Morgantiet al. 1984, Scala& al. 1976) (有效成份:胶原蛋白)


11) Improve nails quality 使指甲坚固

The body contains three types of collagen. Types I and III account for more than 90% of the body’s collagen and are found in nails. It helps nails become stronger, less breakable, less cracked. (collagen)



12) Good for brain health 促进脑部健康

Because astaxanthin freely crosses the blood-brain barriers, astaxanthin can readily neutralize free-radicals and other reactive species in the eye and nervous system. Protection of the brain tissue from oxidative stress could potentially provide valuable support for both brain health. (astaxanthin)

虾青素能自由地穿行于血液和脑部,它能随时中和在眼睛和神经系统里的自由基以及活性反应组织。 保护脑细胞免遭氧化应激,是最佳的脑部健康防护。(有效成份:虾青素)


13) Improving your memory 改善记忆力

B vitamins help brain cells transmit information by assisting with the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.Vitamin E is an antioxidant (a free radical scavenger) that helps to protect nerve cells from damage and is believed to delay or retard the progression of Alzheimer’s. High intake of Vitamin E has been linked to a lower rate of cognitive decline. (Astaxanthin, vitamin B, vitamin E)

多巴胺和血清素的产生,维他命B群有助于脑细胞传递讯息。维他命E是一种有助于保护神经细胞和有助于延缓或防止艾兹默症/痴呆症的抗氧化剂。摄取高含量的 维他命E 被证实与降低认知的衰退率有重要的关系。(有效成份:虾青素、维他命B、维他命E)


14) Preserve mental clarity 保持思绪清晰

As you age, your brain, and the blood vessels supplying it also get older. Plaque buildups, artherosclerosis and the dietary deficiencies created by modern diets can escalate the effect of years of damage, causing senility, dementias and syndromes such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Vitamin B and vitamin E that may improve nervous system functioning and preserve mental clarity properly into your senior years. (Astaxanthin, vitamin B, vitamin E)

导致衰老状态、老人痴呆,甚至艾兹默和柏金森综合症。维他命B和维他命E能改善年老时的神经系统功能以及保持思绪清晰。(有效成份:虾青素、维他命B、维 他命E)


15) Resolve eye fatigue 改善眼睛疲劳

Astaxanthin is expected to pass through blood brain barrier because of the molecular size is less than 600 Daltons. Furthermore, astaxanthin belongs to the same carotenoid xanthopyll group as lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which are concentrated in the macular region of the eye. Subjects with eye strain symptoms before and after astaxanthin supplementation (Nagaki et al.,2002). Overall eye fatigue symptoms improve with astaxanthin. (Astaxanthin)

虾青素的分子体积小于600道尔顿,因此可以穿行于血液和脑部。虾青素与叶黄素和玉米黄质一样同属类胡萝卜素组, 都是眼睛黄斑区的重要成分。面对眼疲劳症的人,在食用虾青素后,眼睛疲劳的现象将获得全面性的改善(Nagaki et al.,2002)。 (有效成份:虾青素)


16) Reduce joint pain  减缓关节疼痛

Glucosamine and chondroitin compounds relieve pain and increase range of motion. These compounds help to prevent the breakdown of cartilage and/or stimulate the production of new cartilage, in effect stopping osteoarthritis in its tracks. (Glucosamine, chondroitin, asthaxanthin)



17) For healthy cartilage 促进软骨健康

Essential for growth and development of all body tissue and is especially important for healthy cartilage. It not only protects the cartilage, but also supplies the new material for it to rebuild itself. (Collagen, glucosamine, Chondroitin)

促进身体所有细胞成长和发育,尤其是健康软骨组织重要的营养素。它不但能保护软骨,也能提供重建软骨细胞的原料。 (有效成份:胶原蛋白、葡萄糖胺、软骨素)


18) Increase supplies of joint lubricant  增加关节的润滑性

It helps to keep the cartilage that cushions joints strong and flexible, but also helps increase supplies of joint-lubricating synovial fluid. (Collagen, glucosamine, Chondroitin)



19) Tips for healthy liver 健康肝脏的秘诀

Foods containing magnesium and B-vitamins 2,3,6 and 12, since toxicity in the body can be caused by deficiency of the nutrients that the liver needs for detoxification as much as by exposure to toxins. Anti-oxidants capable of stopping the free-radical cascade of tissue damage or are involved in the enzymes that help detoxify damaging chemicals. (magnesium and B-vitamins 2,3,6 and 12)

当协助肝脏进行解毒功能的营养素缺乏时,体内的毒性水平随着上升。抗氧化剂能抑制自由基损坏细胞,协助酵素分解损坏性的化学物质。(有效成份:维他命B 2,3,6 和12,酵素)


20) Prevention of hangovers  避免宿醉

Thiamine helps prevent the buildup of glutarate in the brain, which may be associated with part of the headache associated with a hangover. Other B vitamins are depleted when you drink, so taking a B vitamin complex may be beneficial. Supplemental oxygen is another way to speed up detoxification after drinking alcohol, without having to exercise. (Thiamine, Astaxanthin)

维生素B1 有助于防止戊二酸盐在脑部形成,戊二酸盐是导致酒醉头痛的因素。喝酒会消耗大量的的维他命 B。因此,服用维他命B群对喝酒者很重要。补充氧气也是另一种在没有运动的情况下,加速酒后解毒的好方法。


21) Maintain optimum lung health 维护肺部健康

Supporting and maintaining optimum lung health is important for ensuring long-lasting well-being: The lungs add clean oxygen to the blood which is then carried throughout the body. Poor lung health contributes to chronic health problems such as sinus infections, coronary heart disease and lung cancer. It is crucial to pay attention to total body health and healing starting with the lungs. Antioxidants Vitamin C and E to rid your body of toxins and help your lungs stave off the long-term effects of smoking and other lung damage. Its recipe also includes a unique blend of traditional herbs chosen for their all-natural healing properties and ability to help restore the health of your lungs.(Astaxanthin, vitamin C, E)

维持肺部的健康是长寿的重要因素:肺部通过血液提供身体每个部分干净的氧气。不健康的肺部将导致慢性疾病如:鼻窦炎、冠状动 脉心脏病和肺癌。因此,照顾肺部健康对整体的健康与康复极其重要。虾青素、维他命C 和维他命E协助排除毒素,以便您的肺部远离长期吸烟的副作用和肺部损坏。Plus Minus能加强您肺部自愈能力。(有效成份:虾青素、维他命C 和维他命E)


22) Supplement for smokers 烟民的最佳保健品

If you smoke, or live with someone who smokes, it is important that you make the right choices to safeguard you health against the risks associated with smoking. One of the most important decisions you can make is choosing the right multi-vitamin. It’s a fact that smoking depletes the body of important nutrients. This is why it is so important to take plus minus daily for sufficient vitamins for smokers. .(Astaxanthin, vitamin C, E)

如果您或您身边的人有吸烟的习惯,您必须作出正确的选择来保护您的健康,以便远离吸烟所带来的伤害。其中一个非常重要的决定是选择正确的综合维他命。因为吸烟会消耗人体大量的重要营养素。所以,每天服用Plus Minus能提供烟民每日所需的重要营养。( 有效成份:虾青素、维他命C 和维他命E)


23) Best approach for diabetes 糖尿病患的健康之选

Pancreas is an easily oxidized organ, it is simple to surmise that active oxygen plays a role in the development of diabetes. Astaxanthin is effective against diabetes, and at the same time useful for prevention of complications accompanying an increase in blood sugar level. (Astaxanthin)



24) Reduce CRP levels 降低 CRP 水平

C-reactive protein (CRP) an excellent marker for the presence of inflammation in the blood. Research indicates that this systemic inflammation is at the root of a myriad of life threatening diseases, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Dr. Gene Spiller found that subjects given Astaxanthin showed CRP levels reduced by over 20 percent at the end of eight weeks. The placebo group’s levels actually increased. (Spiller, et al. 2006). (Astaxanthin)

C-活性蛋白脂(C-reactive protein,CRP) 是一个血液里最佳的发炎标志。研究显示体系发炎是多种致命疾病的根源,包括心脏病、中风、癌症、糖尿病和艾兹默症。Dr. Gene Spiller发现经过8星期虾青素治疗的病患,其CRP水平下降超过20% 。反之,另一组的CRP水平不降反升。(Spiller, et al. 2006). (有效成份:虾青素)


25) Lowering cholesterol  降低胆固醇

It is able to lower serum cholesterol levels, presumably by breaking down bile in the gut, thus inhibiting its reabsorption (which enters the blood as cholesterol). (chondroitin, vitamin B3, vitamin C, vitamin E)

它能分解肠道里的胆素汁并阻止胆汁吸收(流入血液为胆固醇),进而降低血清胆固醇水平。 (有效成份:软骨素、维他命B3, 维他命 C, 维他命 E)


26) Reduce risk of heart problem (prevents stroke) 降低心脏疾病风险(预防中风)

Astaxanthin doesn’t become a free radical when it binds an oxidized molecule to it. Studies show that antioxidants like astaxanthin reduce the amount of oxidized (free radical) LDL-cholesterol. Oxidized LDL-cholesterol is implicated in the formation of plaques inside arteries that lead to heart disease, blood clots and strokes. Other research reveals that astaxanthin reduces the amount of inflammation-induced cardiac cell death that occurs whenever a blood clot blocks the blood supply to an area of the heart. (Asthaxanthin, probiotic)

胆固醇是导致动脉斑块形成的元凶,也是导致心脏病、血管阻塞和中风的罪魁祸首。更有研究证实虾青素能降 低因血管阻塞,阻挡心脏血供量而引发的心肌炎的风险。(有效成份:虾青素、益生菌


27) Control of high blood pressure  稳定高血压

Strong antioxidant effect that blocks LDL cholesterol oxidation. It is useful for preventing high blood pressure, an important cause of strokes. (Astaxanthin)

高效抗氧化作用能抑制低密度脂蛋白-胆固醇被氧化。它能有效防止高血压 – 导致中风的主要因素。(有效成份:虾青素)


28) Resists your stress  抵御压力

When under stress, individuals can suffer from gastritis and stomach ulcers because active oxygen damages the stomach wall. The ongoing oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the blood also is presumed to have a large influence on elevating blood pressure and causing heart attacts. Astaxanthin’s strong antioxidant power can be called indispensable. (Astaxanthin, vitamin A, C, E, potassium)

当面临压力时,人们将会面对胃炎和胃溃疡的问题。这是因为氧分子破坏胃内膜。持续在血液里发生的低密度脂蛋白-胆固醇的氧化过 程,被确定是导致血压上升和导致心脏病不可忽略的因素。虾青素的高效抗氧化功能,能够对这些氧化过程发挥抑制作用。(有效成份:虾青素、维他命A, C, E)


29) Muscle endurance and recovery 提高肌肉耐力和修复

Dietary supplementation with astaxanthin rich algal meal improve muscle endurance –a double blind study on male students. Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (Unpublished). (Astaxanthin)

富含虾青素的海藻营养补助品,能有助于改善肌肉耐力。 (有效成份:虾青素)


30) Reduce bacterial and virus infection  减少细菌和病毒感染

Reduce bacterial infections and inhibit the growth of a variety of strains of bacteria. Restore the numbers of beneficial bacteria, and thus combat problems such as bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and urinary infection. Astaxanthin improves immunity also contributes greatly to prevention of viral colds and various infectious diseases and recovery from illness. (Astaxanthin, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, probiotic)

减少细菌感染和抑制各种细菌的生长。增加良菌的数量,以便能抵抗阴道细菌、霉菌感染和尿道感染。虾青素除了能够改善免疫力,也能有效地预防感冒病毒和各种病毒的感染以及康复能力。 (有效成份:虾青素、维他命C、玻尿酸、益生菌)


31) Promote colon health 促进大肠健康

It enhance your intestinal immune defences and immune barrier of the gut lining. They help increase the immunoglobulin IGA and increase the thickness of intestinal mucus, which act like a protective paint to keep harmful bacteria from getting through. Reduce intestinal allergies. Probiotics promote anti-allergic processes by stimulating the production of growth factors, which suppresses the allergic response and generally increases tolerance. (probiotic)



32) Improving nutrients absorption  改善养分吸收

It can help improve digestion and nutrients absorption. Also deliver nutrients to the cells. (Enzyme premix, Vitamin & mineral premix)



33) Managing urogenital health 改善泌尿系统健康

Potential in relieving urinary tract infections and bacterial vaginosis. probiotics would provide natural, safe, and effective means of regulating the fluctuating vaginal flora and thereby lower the risk of infection in healthy and sick women. (probiotic)

有效舒缓尿道和阴道细菌感染。 益生菌能自然、安全、有效地平衡阴道菌丛。因此,降低女性感染阴道炎的风险。(有效成份:益生菌)