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The Secret of Feminine Beauty

Unleash your feminine beauty with our best selling all natural hormon balancer engineered for women’s outher beauty and inner health. It can help to lighten dark spots and smoothen skin complexion. Upon balancing your hormone and strenghtening vaginal health, you will experience natural breast and hip firming, increase of vaginal secretion and elasticity. Say goodbye to menopausa l discomforts and regain the confidence every women deserve!




The Challenges Every Woman Face

Women are known to be the foundation of every family, child and man. Thus it is fair to say, the role of women is utmost important to our modern society. But the ever stressful and complicated urban lifestyle makes it difficult to maintain a healthy wellbeing of the human body. What makes it harder is that men can never understand the worries faced by women – physically and mentally. As women’s biological clock ticks on, they face problems like sagging breasts after miscarriage or postpartum, shrinking, unbalance breast size, sagging hips, rough skin, hair breakage and dullness, menstrual pain, leucorrhea, bad vaginal odor, low libido, loosen vaginal wall, less vaginal secretion, risk of breast cancer, uterus related diseases and etc.




SKG WORLD’s FEM@LOV uses only the finest quality of ingredients based on our Swiss Formulation which is engineered to increase the coreof women’s beauty – estrogen. Just like the importance of the root for a tree, the charm and beauty of a woman is dependable on the sufficiency of estrogen secretion in the body.

SKG World 的 FEM@LOV 使用瑞士最优秀的品质的配方成分 - 雌激素,使用来增加女性美容的核心。 就像根对树的重要性,一个女人的魅力和美丽是可靠的对雌激素的分泌在体内的充分性。



Inner & Outer Feminine Beauty

Inner Beauty

  • Increase vaginal secretion, prevent vaginal dryness
  • Increase vaginal elasticity
  • Prevent excessive vaginal discharge, vaginal odour.
  • Prevent breast cancer, endometrial cancer, colorectal cancer
  • Reduce PMS syndrome, such as, hot flashes, sweating, emotional instability, osteoporosis.
  • Reduce menstrual pain, increase sex drive.
  • Improve sleeping quality, enhance memory
  • Promote ovary health, increase pregnancy probability
  • Reduce bad cholesterol, blood pressure
  • Promote blood circulation, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Outer Beauty

  • Breast enhancement/ enlargement
  • Breast firming (sagging breast after post natal)
  • Balance breast size
  • Smooth skin complexion
  • Beautiful and healthy hair
  • Attractive and charming eye
  • Smooth and fine facial skin, prevent black spot
  • Shiny and healthy nails
  • Firming breast size
  • Healthy heel




  • 增加阴道性液分泌,防止阴道干涩
  • 增加阴道弹性,防止松弛
  • 防止白带过多,下体异味
  • 防止女性乳癌,子宫瘤(水瘤,肉瘤,血瘤),肠癌
  • 改善收经问题,如全身发热,易出汗,情绪不稳定,骨骼疏松症等
  • 减少经痛,维持正常性欲
  • 提升睡眠品质,加强记忆力等
  • 促进卵子健康,提升受孕机会
  • 减低坏胆固醇,平衡血压,促进血液循环,减低心血管毛病



  • 达致个人理想的丰满乳房
  • 结实坚挺因产后或年纪增长而下垂,萎缩的乳房
  • 平均乳房的大小
  • 更细嫩的肌肤
  • 更亮丽的秀发
  • 更有神的眼眸
  • 细致的脸部肌肤
  • 预防黑斑在脸上滋长
  • 更光泽的指甲
  • 结实的臀部,光滑的脚跟
  • 更美白的肌肤
  • 苗条身形



Be rest assured that FEM@LOV is 100% safe for human consumption as we have both international and local certifications to verify that.